If you haven’t yet found bodywork that is firm enough to satisfy, yet still respectful of your body’s limits, with the effects lasting longer than a few days, you might have finally found the right therapist for your taste.

Amy Parent James - Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist for over 19 years, is interested in helping people to become better acquainted with their bodies and the ways that they could use them in a more efficient, beneficial, and comfortable manner.

She believes that by freeing soft tissue from the restrictions we have accumulated, we are better able to respond to, be present for, and enjoy our lives to the utmost extent.

Amy does not sell any other products or services other than bodywork, so you will be free to relax, unworried by solicitations.


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Conditions for which Amy's work has had positive outcome

Legal disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so can NOT cure disease, I can just help you to feel better.

Postural/structural rotations and imbalances, pre and post surgical rehabilitation including fusions and joint replacements, herniated and bulging or degenerative disc disease, range of motion restrictions due to scar tissue, improper muscle sequencing, pre and post event work with athletes, back pain - upper and lower, sciatic pain (pain shooting down the hip and leg), scoliosis, joint pain (some forms of arthritis), frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive motion syndrome), 'cricks' in the neck, migraines, tennis elbow, flat feet, high arches, hammer toes, plantar fascitis, TMJ issues, tinnitus, cerebal palsey, parkinson's, MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chrones disease, vertigo, perceptual/spatial awareness issues, connectivity to core issues, post traumatic stress syndrome.